The Financial Valet, Incorporated

Handling your personal finances easily
             The Financial Valet, Incorporated, began over twenty-five years ago to manage financial and administrative essentials, for individuals.  Our client base is diverse. We serve both young and old -- from the over-committed business executive to the non-working older individual who no longer wants to, or is able to, deal with the crush of monthly paperwork.  We work closely with the clients' own accountants, attorneys, and investment advisors. Typical services include paying clients' bills, tracking medical invoices and insurance EOBs, maintaining organized financial records for yearend tax return completion, breaking out and tracking tax deductible expenses, ensuring taxes are paid on time --- essential tasks most clients simply do not care to handle. In fact, often it seems our clients' advisors appreciate us as much as our clients, as we ensure the attention to detail, records availability, and financial tracking accuracy upon which those advisors rely. 

            The Financial Valet specializes in supporting those who find themselves needing to help their aging parents. For example, we make sure mortgages and insurance premiums are paid, estate documents are in order, and medical expenses are carefully tracked. This valuable service frees family members to handle the more important issues, plus have more time for their own spouse and children. We can act as advocates for a client, helping to ensure strangers (or even family members) do not take undue advantage of them; by doing so, family relationships around those clients are enhanced.

            We offer a highly individualized services based on what the client needs and wants.  Additionally, billings are based on an hourly basis plus expenses, not a percentage of assets -- unlike most companies and agents in this category.
   We look forward to speaking with you and helping make your financial life less stressful.

                                                                                                                    Joni Holinger