The Financial Valet, Incorporated

Handling your personal finances easily

TFV Incorporated is often brought in by a familiy, after a loved one has passed away, to track down all the estate related assets and  liabilities.  An estate cannot be closed until all of these items are accounted for and documented.  The following document may be helpful to you because, depending on the size of an individual's estate, and their personal level of organization, many hours can be spent in "discovery".   Although the billing rate TFV, Inc. charges is often far less than an attorney acting as executor, it still is an example of assets unnecessarily spent.

The University of Maryland, University College, HSBC North American Military Finance Education has developed an excellent list for individuals to use.  Upon completion, put one list with your estate documents and give one to your executor or other family member/s whom you expect to direct the estate upon your death. 

Click on the following Estate Checklist link: