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One area with which our clients often struggle involves choices related to Medicare, secondary insurance, and Medicare Part D coverage to choose.  This is closely followed by tracking the often daunting flood of EOBs (Explanation of Benefits) in order to ascertain if (1) the insurance company is paying the providers appropriately; and (2) the providers are not over-billing the patient.

These are complex issues and, especially in the face of a serious illness, they can be overwhelming.  It is not unusual for our company to find providers billing inaccurately because not even they can track the various insurance companies payments and the amounts written off.  Not keeping an eye on these figures can be costly for individuals and their families.  At times like these our tracking capability can often pay for itself by finding these clerical errors.

There are many aspects to consider and understand concerning Medicare.  The New York Times just published a nice compilation of articles for those interested in learning more about the implementation, rationale, and various other aspects of Medicare.  You can find it at the link below.  Simply click on the link to open: