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Every year you should review three important personal records:
#1Check your Social Security Administration summary of benefits.

#2.  Pull your "MIB":  Medical Information Bureau Record

#3 If you are a driver, write your state and request a summary of your driving record.

These three records, when reviewed, can help alert you to any potential identity theft and also give you insight into how companies may evaluate you.  Most of these can be obtained free, or with only a minimal charge.  Should erroneous information be found, write to the agency to ask the issue be corrected or expunged.

Social Security Administration
    The Social Security Administration sends each taxpayer a statement of earnings upon which Social Security taxes have been paid.  These statements are mailed every five years when a working individual reaches the age of 25.  Included in the statement, is an estimate of benefits, based upon the amount of social security taxes one has paid in. To look at the statement online, simply create an account by going to:

Medical Information Bureau Record (MIB)        
     You may request a free copy of your Medical Information consumer file by calling 866/692-6901.  The website link is: .  They will not have a consumer file on you unless you have applied for underwritten health, disability, or life insurance during the past seven years.

Driving Record
You will need to find your Department of Moving Vehicle (DMV) record by contacting the state in which you are licensed.  The easiest way is to search on:  driving record copy ___state___ (inserting the appropriate state name).  Then follow your state's application requirements.